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Original Designs & Studies

"Willow Blues" Pattern
Yellow Lab Pattern
ArcticTrax Final Spring 2022
Sunset Sandals
Sneaker Sketch
Shoe Ideation Page (1)

For my thesis project, I focused on ski apparel. In my research, I found that there is a lack of versatility when it comes to men's ski pants. The NOMAD SKI Adaptable Bib System fits the needs of any skier. The removable bib allows the user to wear it as an under layer, an external layer, or not at all! From harsh backcountry conditions to leisurely spring days at the resort, you only need NOMAD SKI!

Shoe Ideation Page (3)
Waterproof Modular Backpack

Final project for soft goods studio, Fall 2020

Shoe Ideation Page (2)
Pillbox Hat w/ Veils for High Anonymity

Headwear concept - High fashion anonymity This hat is for someone who wants more anonymity in our new masked society while making a statement. This person wants to be noticed while not being identified. Combining a classic design like the pillbox hat, first popular in the 30s, became prevalent in the 50s and 60s, with a formal face covering. The two different veils, one a fine metallic mesh resembling an artificial chainmail material, gives the piece a high fashion, almost medieval aesthetic.

Skiwear Set (3)
"Celestial Pigs"
Skiwear Set (1)
Skiwear Set (2)
"Marsh Greens"
Mushroom Fairy House
Mushroom Forest
Business Fox
Business Frogs
Boxer Dog Print
Magic Pug Print
Whimsical Corgi Print
Venice, Italy - original watercolor and
Self Portrait - Clouds and Hands
Dunes Portrait
Frida Garden Vector trace

Vector trace of a watercolor inspired by Frida Kahlo's Aztec garden build by Diego Rivera. This piece is inspired by the colors of Casa de Azul in Mexico City.

Stand Up Paddle Vector

Scholastic art award winner - Silver Key

Gill Sans Typeface Poster

Made for Visual Communications spring 2019. The outer had to include the full alphabet, swell as every weight and style out given font came in, such as italic, bold, light, etc. We were told to use a grid system to design our layout. We were only allowed one hue and as many tones as we saw fit.

Personal Study - Feb 2020
DWR Champagne Cork Chair

Entered in DWR champagne chair contest. Made only with champagne bottle parts (cork, foil, and wire)

IKEA Vase Re-Design

Using laser cut acrylic pieces, we were faced with creating an additional element to existing vases that would accentuate the piece and the flowers inside. The inspiration behind my design was a flower opening, blooming and showing its innermost petals - a rose in full bloom.

Nixon Watch Rendering

Surface Modeling watch rendering project - I used my favorite Nixon watch

Hyperviz Project - Bluetooth Radio-bot 2.0

3D-Realization project final rendering. In the shops we turned the body of the water bottle on the lathe and vacuum formed styrene to make the body. Unable to finish in the shops due to Covid-19


View past the Mt. Washington rage far into the valley of New Hampshire. The reference picture for this drawing was taken on my namesake trail "lynx" hence the name.

Chelsae's Room

Scholastic art award winner - Silver Key


Vector drawing of a home on the ocean in Bermuda I saw while on a boat traveling to the other side of the island. The colorful homes and white roofs of these Bermudan bungalows are what makes the island look so unique.


Color and Composition Final project. Final version cut out of Color-Aid and glued to an 8x8 composition. This piece consisting of high-key colors and geometric shapes took over nineteen hours to finish.

Manufacturing Project- Modular Plywood shelf
manufacturing Project - Chess Piece
Manufacturing Project - Toy Car
Hyperviz - Electric Kettle Blueprints
Visualization 1 Final - MFA

Final drawing for Vis 1. Full value (only using hatching/crosshatching) drawing of a room in the MFA that includes paintings, statues, and display cases with objects inside.

Still Life March 2018
Porcelain Bird (Value Studies)

Porcelain items in Art of Europe wing -MFA (Unfinished Sketch)

Porcelain Vase (Value Studies)

Porcelain items in Art of Europe wing - MFA (Unfinished Sketch)

MFA Grecian Statue Value Study

Rough sketch of a statue at the MFA. (Unfinished)

Ski The East poster 2
Poetry Out Loud Poster

My first poster design made for a poetry competition in my high school where the winners would go on to regional and eventually national levels. My novice graphic design skills made this a bit of a struggle but I was determined to to make it look correct as it was going to be plastered throughout the school.

Ceramic Branch Plate
Coil pot

Coil pot with leather strap woven within the rim.

Ceramic Incense Holder
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